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How will you Clean My Carpet?

The method used to clean your carpet will depend very much on the type of carpet you have, the level of soils that the carpet has, the amount of staining the carpet has and how easy the carpet is to access.

We do find though that in 90% of situations we tend to use a method called hot water extraction. We find this method gives the deepest clean and provides the best results. You are probibly thinking what hot water extraction is, read on to find out.


1 The first thing we do after assessing the area is to vacuum. Dry vacuuming with a good professional vacuum cleaner is essential to remove as much dust and dry material as possible. It opens up the carpet pile and allows the cleaning solutions we use to be effective as possible.

2 The next thing we do is to apply a prespray or pre cleaning solution to the carpet. This specially formulated solution is tailored to your carpet type and the general condition. Once applied this solution starts to break the bond between the carpet fibres and the soils in the carpet. 


3 After applying the prespray we work that solution into  the carpet fibers. This stage is called agitation. Depending on the carpet type we use a variety of different machines to do this. From a rotary brush machine, to a twin cylindrical contra rotating brush machine, or even a hand brush. The purpose of this stage in the cleaning process is to make sure the cleaning solution is touching each and every fibre of the carpet. It also lifts matted down carpet pile, bring back bounce and volume to the area.

4 After leaving the prespray to dwell in the carpet for a while to effectively do its job we move on to the next stage in the cleaning process, the extraction stage. Extraction is when we remove the dirt from the carpet. We do this by simultaneously rinsing the carpet with hot water and sucking away the dirty water. The extraction is achieved by using a specially designed carpet cleaning machine and a carpet cleaning wand attachment. This machine is extremely powerful, so powerful that it does not need to leave the van. Long hoses are brought in to the property and the dirty water is extracted away in to a holding tank in the van.

5 While we are cleaning the carpets we also take care to treat stains as we encounter them. Stains take special attention, and the correct chemistry to treat effectively.

6 After the carpet has been fully extracted we groom the capet over. To do this we use a long flat carpet brush. This brush gently re aligns the carpet fibres so they all align and face in the correct direction.

7 After grooming the carpet we place drying fans in the room to help accelerate the drying process

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How long will it take my carpet to dry?

The time it takes for your carpet to dry can vary depending on a number of situations. If you have a synthetic carpet it will tend to dry quicker than a wool carpet because wool fibres absorb moisture however most synthetic fabrics don't. If your carpet is very dirty it will take longer to dry than a cleaner carpet as more moisture is required to clean dirtier carpets. If the area being cleaned can be ventilated it will dry quicker as there is somewhere for the moisture to evaporate away to. If you have a fabric protector applied tho the carpet it will take longer to dry as we are adding more moisture to the carpet.

On average though a carpet will take between 4-8 hours. However some carpets can be dry before we leave your property and others can take a little longer.

Will all the stains come out?

I really wish i could tell you that i can remove all the stains 100% of the time, but if i did i would be lying. Some stains can be permanent where others will come out very easily indeed. A Lot depends on your carpet type and the type of stain. We will let you know beforehand if a stain is likely to respond well to treatment.

Can you do dry carpet cleaning?

Yes it is possible to do what many call dry carpet cleaning. We don't tend to do a lot of dry carpet cleaning though as it tends to be ineffective in the majority of situations. The fact of the matter is dry carpet cleaning isn't even dry! it is really very low moisture cleaning. It works by spreading a compound over the carpet which is impregnated with solvents and detergents. As the compound is worked around the fibres the soils from the fibers are meant to be wiped off of the surface and absorbed in to the compound. The theory is great, in practice it is messy and ineffective. Like all things though it does have a place. Dry carpet cleaning can be the only option when it comes to cleaning fibers like seagrass, choir and sisal.

Will my carpet shrink?

No your carpet will not shrink. Carpets only shrink when they have been over wetted, and only carpets with a natural fibre backing have the possibility of shrinking at that. We will not add excessive amounts of moisture to your carpet.

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