Stain Removal

Tea, Coffee, Wine, Oil, Ink, Blood Stains!!

Stains on carpet and upholstery can be a real eyesore. Your eyes are always drawn to that spot! If you have a problem with a split beverage stain never fear we can help. 


All stains have their own unique chemistry and treating a stain on your carpet successfully require an understanding of that chemistry. No one solution can possibly remove every stain from a carpet, also every carpet type will react to stain treatment in its own unique way.



What should i do?? 


If you have a stain on your carpet the best thing to do initially is to absorb as much up as possible. Keep absorbing the stain up with towels until you can't get any more out. Do not rub, If you are successful at removing the stain but destroy the texture of the surface you won't be pleased with yourself! If the stain is water based you can try a little water, dabbing and absorbing again. If you a previous customer of ours you will likely have some of our own spot and stain remover, you can try this by following the directions on the label. Please be careful using products such as Vanish, Dr Beckmann, and 1001, these products can often contain bleaching agents which can lighten the carpet, particularly if you have a wool carpet. If all of this fails please don't hesitate to call us immediately, we will attend as soon as we possibly can to asses the situation. We will give you a good idea of what the results are likely to be before we do any work. It is impossible to guarantee the removal of any stain but some amazing results are possible, have a look at the photos to the right.

If you have a stain which is spoiling your carpet please don't hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help

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