Tile Cleaning

Floor and Wall Tiling Cleaned and Revitalised!

Floor and wall tiles in bathrooms, kitchens hallways, utility rooms, in fact anywhere in the home can easily become dirty and unsightly. If you have a problem with your tiling and grout lines you have found the right company. We specialise in bringing unsightly tiles and grout  back to their former glory!

Banish black mould!

Black mould can be a real problem on bathroom tile and grout. If you have scrubbed with no success never fear as we have the solution to your problem. We can effectively kill off the black mould spores turning black to white. If your bathroom sealant is old unsightly and ineffective we can also effectively remove this and replace it with new mould resistant sealant. Our cleaning products for mould also have a residual effect keeping mould spores at bay for an extended period of time.


Stone flag cleaning

Slate, sandstone, granite and limestone flooring can look glorious however years of ingrained dirt and sealants can leave them looking tired and dull. If you have a stone floor which needs specialist attention our hard floor cleaning service is perfect for you. We can effectively clean the surface removing years of dirt and grime and breath new life in to it. We can also apply a range of sealants to the surface to enhance the natural features of the stone along with protecting it for many years to come. Sealants and sealers also have the added benefit of making your stone flooring easier to clean and maintain your floor on a daily basis.

If you have floor or wall tiles that need cleaning or hard flooring which needs special attention please feel free to contact us today to find out how we can help.

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